Quality Assurance

The pivotal reason for Shree Hari Spintex formidable success in quality Yarns, worldwide, is its impeccable Quality Assurance team. Rapid growth was not a matter of chance, or else every entrant in the field would have been as successful. Shree Hari Spintex follows a unique practice of constant quality check, across the complete production process. Samples from every batch is meticulously examined and checked for all technical aspects before shipment, in line inspection and detailed report of each shipment are been be provided to the customers. Shree Hari Spintex has the special distinction of having its own team of qualified and experienced technicians located at various yarn procuring centers across India.This team interacts closely with spinning mills to understand their specific requirements and to ensure true customization of the shipments for every customers needs. Moreover, to meet-up with suppliers and to ensure systematic quality checks, checking of raw cotton & also through checking of yarn quality & packing.


Organic Certificate - GOTS